Recorded live on the alter of an 102 year-old Sanctuary in San Francisco. Every Sunday the pews are pushed up and Bibles are put away and the guitars and microphones are brought out for a few hours and some very tasteful music is played.


i need you

looking past these rainy days
searching for another way
in the form of an angel
is how i found you, i found you

you were sitting all alone
waiting by the telephone
you looked up and your eyes met mine
and then i knew it, i knew it

i need you, baby
baby, i need you
in my life

smiling eyes and a glowing face
a memory i won't replace
took all of my breath away
and i want you, i want you

talk to you each and everyday
have so much that i want to say
i hear your voice and break a smile
cuz i like you, i like you

i need you, baby
baby, i need you
in my life
i need you, baby
baby, i need you
in my life

wait, give me your hand
i want to show you, that i understand
wait, give me your hand
i want you to know, that i'm your man

looking up to sunny days
i know this aint a passing phase
cuz with you it'll always last
forever, forever...


from Live At The 100+ Year​-​Old Church, released April 23, 2012


all rights reserved



Mario Di Sandro Los Angeles, California

Mario Di Sandro is a Singer-Songwriter from Chicago. Amassing a few hundred original songs in his personal repertoire since setting sail for the West Coast in 2011. Now living in Los Angeles, he has written hundreds more and has since released 11 studio albums in a short 8.5 year period. Mario draws his songwriting influences from the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Wilco and Tom Petty. ... more

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