There's Still So Much Left To Do

from P​á​nd​ē​mos by Mario Di Sandro



There’s Still So Much Left To Do

There’s a rolling hill ahead
There’s a green grass to be laid
There’s a mountain yet to climb
There’s an ocean left to surf

There’s a a dream left to pursue
There’s a gift inside of you
There’s a love burning so bright
There’s so much worth of this sight

There’s a child of yours to hold
There’s a bond you’ll grow to know
There’s a wish you made come true
There’s a pride beaming from you

There’s an open heart for you
There’s a rested mind and soul
There’s so much you’ll never know
There’s a body to grow old

There’s a train off in the night
There’s a car with one headlight
There’s a field of stars to gaze
There’s a smallness in this world

There’s a valley still to cross
There’s a stream covered in moss
There’s a voice calling to you
There’s still so much left to do


from P​á​nd​ē​mos, released December 25, 2020


all rights reserved



Mario Di Sandro Los Angeles, California

Mario Di Sandro is a Singer-Songwriter from Chicago. Amassing a few hundred original songs in his personal repertoire since setting sail for the West Coast in 2011. Now living in Los Angeles, he has written hundreds more and has since released 11 studio albums in a short 8.5 year period. Mario draws his songwriting influences from the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Wilco and Tom Petty. ... more

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